The Circle Game & How To Play

The Circle Game & How To Play

If you can see out the side of your peepers, conduct Evasive movements, and utilize your booger hooks in a general fashion… you can play this friggin game it only takes one of you yayhoo’s to start this doggone motivated trash off by forming an “A-Okay” signal with your meat mitten and holding that battle sign below your War belt.That yahoo’s mission is to surprise attack his battle buddy into looking at that hand signal.  Once the cockwad looks at that hand signal, the cockwad loses.  The yayhoo that caught his battle buddy off guard gets to sock that cockwad in the arm as a spoil of war!

1. The hand signal must be below the waist 

2. The opponent should try best not to look directly at the signal, but if seen from Peripheral vision there are two ways to divert:

a.  The opponent should Inform the signaler that they will not be looking at that
b. The opponent must try and break the circle using their index finger.  If the opponent is successful in doing so, the opponent, in turn, gets to sock the person making the hand signal in the arm.
c. If the Opponent tries to poke out the hand signal and missis, they lose and get to be socked by the person holding the hand signal

3. It will then be the opponent's goal in life to get the battle buddy back, and the game will go on!

An example of Strategy:

Yayhoo:  “Hey Cockwad!  Is my gigline all jacked up”?  (at this time Yayhoo will hold the sign below the waist)

Cockwad:  “about to jack you up yayhoo”!  (at this time cockwad uses peripheral vision to swipe the hand signal and breaks the seal)

Cockwad then punches Yayhoo in the arm, and thus a long and fierce battle is played amongst friends for the rest of their lives!